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If you don't use online job portals in your job search, you're missing out on your dream job. In today's digital world employers post their job listings online and move away from traditional posting outlets, like newspapers.

Why should you perform your job search in India online?

  • Most recruiters use social media to search for and verify candidate's information. From LinkedIn to Twitter and Facebook, recruiters expect candidates to have a social media presence.

  • More opportunities can be found online. Employers today are moving away from offline job postings and post most of their job opportunities online.

  • The job market in India is competitive as-is. If you're not looking for local jobs online, you're severely limiting your chances of being hired.

  • Searching and applying for jobs online saves you time and allows you to be more efficient in your job search. Online job portals allow you to find and apply for vacancies from home and at a time that's most convenient for you.

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Looking for a Job in India? These are the Most Popular Industries!

Located in South Asia, India is the seventh-largest country and the second-most populous country in the world. The country also has the seventh-largest economy in the world.

If you're searching for jobs in the country, some sectors offer more opportunities than the others. The most popular job sectors in the country include:

  • Service sector (55.6%)

  • Industrial sector (26.3%)

  • Agricultural sector (18.1%)

Accounting for more than half of the country's GDP, the service sector, by far, offers the majority of  job opportunities. Many vacancies can be found in the following industries:

  • Sales

  • IT

  • Administration and office support

  • Accounting

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Start by selecting a category or a region, and narrow your results by professions or cities. All job postings offer detailed descriptions and information on how to apply, so you can jump on opportunities as soon as they arise.

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